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Case Study: Controlled Goods in Industry

Controlled Goods in IndustryA Canadian company had previously registered with the Controlled Goods Directorate. Their registration had lapsed and they needed to file a new registration form. The company had also moved since the last registration and their old security plan was no longer valid.

They were concerned about a new project that would require the shipment of controlled goods in the form of ITAR material from the United States into Canada. The material and technology for this project was subject to ITAR restrictions as well as the controlled goods regulations.

Controlled Goods Consulting reviewed the Canadian and U.S. regulations regarding the item. We then helped them complete the registration form with the Controlled Goods Directorate and performed a risk and threat assessment, pointing out many discrepancies that had not been previously considered. Controlled Goods Consulting, in conjunction with the designated official, wrote a new controlled goods security plan that took into account the needs of the current location. Controlled Goods Consulting then conducted the in-house training for the staff.

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